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Can you tell us this man's name?

At the age of 7, his family was forced out of their home.
The boy had to work to support them.
At age 9, his mother died.

Age 22, he started a business.... that failed.

Age 23, ran for state legislature... he lost.

That same year, he lost his job
AND failed to get into law school.

Age 24, borrowed money from a friend to start a new business.
Within months he was bankrupt, and spent the next SEVENTEEN years paying off this debt.
Age 25, ran for state legislature... and won.
Age 26, his fiancee died, sending him into a deep depression...
... ending in a nervous breakdown that kept him in bed for six months.
Age 29, ran for speaker of the state legislature... and lost.
Age 31, ran for elector... lost again.
Age 34, ran for Congress... laughed out of the election.
Age 35, ran for Congress again. Got elected for a change
Age 37, ran for re-election... blown out of the election:
although incumbents win 90+% of the time.
At 40, sought the job of land officer in his home state... soundly rejected.
Five long years later, he had the nerve to run for the US Senate...
and got trounced.

After losing,"The path was worn & slippery. My foot slipped from under me,
knocking the other out of the way, but I recovered and said to myself,
'It's a slip and not a fall.'"

Age 47, sought his party's vice-presidential nomination: trounced again.
Age 49, ran for US Senate again... and was again soundly defeated.
Age 51, ran for, get this, President of the United States!! Talk about temerity!!
Consider this quote from our 11-time loser: 

"The sense of obligation to continue is present in all of us.
A duty to strive is the duty of us all. I felt a call to that duty."


What a strong word; it says so much.
Why not invest a single minute in cogitation?
Ask yourself to identify the second meaning of this.
If you are above average, find a third level of value.
This is a never-ending source of profit for true masters:
EVERY bit of useful wisdom known to us has multiple layers.

"Continue" - give to it your better brain function

Within it resides one of the three single greatest powers you have at your instant disposal.

That's the power used by the man you just read about... President Abraham Lincoln.

Just ten more tries... and ten more tries... Success inevitably follows.

Reminds me of Henry Ford's:
People who say it can't be done
should stop interrupting those of us who are doing it.

Personally interview THREE THOUSAND self-made millionaires,
ask them one by one to what they attribute their success...
...you will soon feel entitled to speak knowledgeably on the subject,
and ESPECIALLY so when you hear them attribute the same shortcuts, again and again.

You see, what we do speaks so loudly
there's no need to say a word:
Our results speak louder than our words, don't they?

That's why our millionaires who speak of identical methods and shortcuts, tricks, techniques, are the best to listen to.

Why waste time on trial and error?
Do you understand how much you accelerate your progress when you start out a mile or two ahead of the crowd...
... with information and shortcuts from those who already know the way?

Stop a moment and consider how much faster you'll get wherever you to go...
... simply walking the same trail as the trailblazer did.

For those very few people
who know precisely what they want:

Print or write the following statement for YOUR use.
Fill in the answers. Show it to no one;
it's all about YOU
this time.


Whatever it is that you most want, simply state it out loud.

Go ahead, do it NOW.

I AM going to ____________________________

and I want it so much.because __________________.


When you have a strong enough "why"
you invariably find a "How."   True, or not?

Hasn't this already happened many times in your life, because of a large fear or desire?
... an urgent deadline or want?
Every act we ever take is to gain pleasure or avoid pain. No other possibilities.

Emotion is the agency of communication between thought and action.

If you are capable of clearly stating what it is you most desire,
can you just as clearly state
WHY. ..
...specifically how will you benefit from achieving this dream?

Remember, Emotion is the electrical fuel that causes us to act... at all times!!!


Emotion is the greatest fuel available to a human being.

Attach emotion to every desire, visualizing it

Say it out loud at least 2-3 times every day & say it with balls...






If you haven't done it a dozen or more days in a row, what could possibly induce you to believe your opinion is even marginally valid? Hush up, do it; see what happens. You will be unutterably thrilled when you do it as if you mean it, along the lines of "fake it 'til you make it," because we know, as history's wisest have taught us, that "a man's life is what his thoughts make of it." Know who said that? If not, please accept that it was someone who was just a tad smarter than you -- unlike most of us, he walked his talk. Yes, your life is what your thoughts make of it... ...whatever you think about most often is inexorably moving closer to occuring. We recognize that your brain is, in great probability, far too underdeveloped to literally understand that when you act the way you want to be, you soon become the way you act. Still, there's hope; roughly 7% of us DO understand it enough to talk less and act more.


Read it out loud every day, with real feeling, for just 20 days.

Before day 20, you will find very powerful changes occurring in your life.

You need not take my word for it:
Just shut up and do it for 20 days.
THEN and only then do we care to hear your opinion.

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What you do speaks so loudly
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We know.       We can hear you by what you do.

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